Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday July 28

As you can see, last week did not go as planned but at least I had some ideas available to me and the stuff to make them. I will have company again for a good part of the week so we will see how that all plays out.

Monday- Chile with corn chips (Yeah! We followed the plan!)
We however got an emergency call out of town and did not return for 11 days so the rest of this week went out the door. I froze what I could but.....
Tuesday - Leftovers / sandwiches since dh is on call and I am supposed to be out
Wednesday - Stuffed peppers and salad (hold over from last week)
Thursday - Pork chops, rice pilaf, applesauce, and broccoli
Friday - Lemon Chicken recipe I found on this MMP site
Saturday - Dinner out or leftovers
Sunday - Spaghetti with salad

Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday July 21

It is time to get back in the habit of meal planning so I thought a post would be the best way to help with accountability. Of course this first week we are having company from out of town but we don't know when so I decided to just put up the menu that would be if it was just us and roll with the punches.

I picked up the idea of posting my menu at hop over and take a look.
Monday - Stuffed Peppers and rice - Switched with Spanish Rice meal
Tuesday - Steak, cubed potatoes, and salad - Didn't happen :(
Wednesday - Pork chops, rice pilaf, applesauce, and broccoli - Didn't happen
Thursday - Chile - Nope :(
Friday - Leftover buffet
Saturday - Dinner out
Sunday - Spanish Rice and salad - used earlier in the week so made Turkey w/ Mashed potatoes and corn

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just getting started.

After a lot of thinking I have decided to go ahead and start my own little blog. I never thought I would take this step but I have fallen in love with all of the wonderful things that so many writers are sharing. With encouragement from family and friends in real life and on the net I decided to take the plunge. Who knows where this will lead.