Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

These are my GOALS!! I do not need to have everything on here accomplished by December of 2009. The list is way too long. Goals are something to work towards, not something that must be completed. As long as I accomplish at least 2 items from each category, then I will have met my goals for 2009.

Spend more time in God’s Word.
§ Have Daily personal Bible Study.
§ Have daily prayer time.
§ Start attending church again.

Keep in touch and spend more quality time with my family and friends.
§ Invite friends over once a month.
§ Have a Date night two times a month, even if it’s at home.
§ Send cards to family members on regular basis.

Make our house feel like a home.
§ Continue de-cluttering. Find at least 5 things each weekday to get rid of.
§ Learn how to deal with mail correctly.
§ Organize, straighten and make sure everything has a place.
§ Make home a place we can rest, relax and be refreshed.
§ Follow my routines list and PCC
§ Dishes need to be done before bed to enable the morning and next evening’s dinner to go better.
§ Create appropriate storage for games so they can be used.
§ Create a more permanent office area for dh.
§ Work out a reasonable system for seasonal d├ęcor.

§ Exercise more.
§ Trim down enough so my clothes fit nicely. The scale is my enemy so this goal will have to do for the year.
§ Learn how to cook even more without using packets or canned goods.
§ Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day.
§ Add an additional serving of vegetables to each day.
§ Get physical and take meds on time.

§ Post to my blog at least twice a week.
§ Keep in touch by phone or email with extended family at least once a month.
§ Spend more time sharing my thoughts and ideas with dh.

Become better organized.
· Update and use Home Control Journal
· Update and use Christmas Planner
· Create a more workable plan for once a month cooking
§ Put together a workable menu plan each week and post it for dh to see and use.
§ Make an accurate grocery list and stick to it.

Do something for myself once a week.
§ Take a bubble bath, give myself a manicure, or do something else to take care of me.
§ Work on my paper crafting either going to an event or at home.

§ Use coupons and sales regularly for all purchases.
§ Save additional money by keeping a price book and track for appropriate stockpiling of non-perishable goods purchased at the best prices.
§ Find year long employment.
§ Focus more on paying down debt and working my FPU plan with dh.
§ Make sure quarterly taxes are paid on time.

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