Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It costs how much!?!?!

I am sure I am not alone in having this statement run across my mind and even my lips lately. I was chatting with some ladies a few weeks ago, grumbling about prices and mentioned that I guess I was going to have to dig out my price book again and start using it. I had used one for a number of years but then realized that I had learned and was keeping most of the information in my head so I gave it up as other things in life became more important. Well, my freezer is pretty much empty of meat that was bought before prices took off and as I try to find replacements to at least make dinner I am confronted with prices I just can't understand. I know I am not alone. As I started learning about the world of blogging I have found several people who came to the same conclusion recently as well.

I also ran across a lady's blog yesterday that is trying to keep her budget for food and such to only $50 a week. I am still processing this idea. It is very similar to the pantry challenges that run regularly on Friendly Freezer. I do need to work on doing a good look through the cupboards and use up what is in there. But I also know that much in my cupboards is really a rotation of items.

Example: This week I made a version of Chicken Cacciatore and used a large & small can of diced tomatoes and a medium can of tomato sauce. I will replace them most likely when I go to the store next because they are items I keep on hand and use regularly. This is how much of my pantry items are used.

So what does this all come down to?
I have started my price book up again and am going to pay more attention to what is in my freezer and pantry that need using at the same time, I am going to see about paying additional attention to how much are meals costing for the week. It may cut down on variety but will most likely add to my account balance. I'll keep you all updated as I continue.

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